You have reached a point in your life where something has to change. You have a desire for things to be different from what they are in this moment. You are looking for more connection, more joy and more fulfillment in your life. Maybe you’ve reached a turning point in your career or a crossroad in your relationship and are ready to find your “What’s Next”. You may not know what that is, or perhaps you do, but you’re not quite sure how to get it. You could use some courage, inspiration and motivation to get started. Maybe you have thought about coaching but weren’t quite sure what steps to take, who to work with and what would be required. You have arrived at the right place.


Welcome to Everything Emile

Here you will find some delicious choices to consider based on where you are in this moment of your life and where you see yourself. These packages are designed to meet you exactly where you are in this moment. It’s time to give YOU back to YOU, and I am very excited about working with you. 

The time is now.

Working with Denise Harris: 
"Be Passionate. Be Intentional. Have Clarity. These three short phrases are just samples of the many tangible outcomes that have come from my six months working with Denise Harris.  I am loathe to call the experience coaching because that marginalizes what has truly been a partnership walk with a knowledgeable and trusted friend.  I was asked to submit a testimonial, but in truth, this is a thank you note.
When I was downsized out of my role with a global media company in 2015, I took it in stride with full confidence that I would land on the next tier of my career path. However, as I soon learned, careers are no longer definitive and even the most talented of us are simply on an unpredictable course that results in a "series of random adventures" in the marketplace.  My current role has required some deft and tumultuous navigation this past year.  Over the past six months, Denise has helped me recognize what is important to me; to peel away the layers of job and title and to truly connect to the role ( the one I am in and the one I would want); to recognize the talent one brings to an organization and to leverage the contributions to be made within.  Her candor, tight focus and direct engagement have been a welcome challenge to the comfort zone I inhabited and now, in a better equipped and positioned state of mind, I embrace the next phase before me both professionally and personally.   
Thank you Denise and continued success."
-Ray Farmer

Move Your Life in a Different Direction

        6-Month Coaching Package

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Get Inspired and Ignite Endless Possibilities

        3-Month Coaching Package

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with Denise

      2 1/2 Hour Coaching Intensive

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All Coaching Packages Include:

Priority email support

Whether you have a burning question between sessions or just can’t wait to tell me about your progress, you will have priority email access as long as we are working together. My coaching clients are my top priority and I am here to help you achieve success.

I will call you
You decide whether you want to connect on the phone, Skype or Zoom

Your trust is the most important thing to me, and I guarantee confidentiality. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and uphold all ethics and standards.

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