Client Testimonials

My clients are my heart, joy, and fuel for doing this work. It is amazing to see the growth and transformation they are able to create through their journey. 

Denise is an asset to anyone looking to make a change!
Kimberly Mughal, Coaching Client
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Denise for nearly five now, and I’m thrilled to call her a mentor, coach, and friend. Throughout our relationship, she has demonstrated empathy, compassion, and reason in my moments of difficulty, and sheer excitement, enthusiasm, and forward-thinking in my moments of joy. Denise is consistently the voice of “you can do it” (even if you don’t yet believe it yourself), pushing you to stretch and lean into the discomfort. With her support, I have developed greater clarity around my personal and professional goals, strategies for combating the replay reflex, and an appreciation for personal wellness and the small wins. Denise’s passion and talent for coaching is undeniable, and she is an asset to anyone looking to make a change!
Helps to Be All You Can Be
Emily Adams, Coaching Client
Denise is a sincere, warm, knowledgeable, passionate coach who is interested in helping her clients to be all that they can while addressing what may be standing in the way. She is willing to get in the passengers’ seat and take the ride with you on your journey.
Kept Me on Track When I was Resisting
Charlotte Norris, Coaching Client
I loved my work with Denise; she challenged me in a way that so many coaches are apprehensive about doing. She helped me to see and explore why I was behaving in a given way and what I could do about it. She kept me on track when I was resisting but all done with so much support and kindness that it felt easy to do. She is clearly a huge reader and has many titles at her fingertips to offer as additional support. She listens carefully and provides honest useful feedback. She is clearly very engaged with her clients and very good at her work. I would love to work more with her. I cannot imagine anyone not moving forward in huge leaps after her work.
A Partnership of Knowledge and Trust
Ray Farmer, Coaching Client
Be Passionate. Be Intentional. Have Clarity.  These three short phrases are just samples of the many tangible outcomes that have come from my six months working with Denise Harris.  I am loathe to call the experience coaching because that marginalizes what has truly been a partnership walk with a knowledgeable and trusted friend.  I was asked to submit a testimonial, but in truth, this is a thank you note.
When I was downsized out of my role with a global media company in 2015, I took it in stride with full confidence that I would land on the next tier of my career path. However, as I soon learned, careers are no longer definitive and even the most talented of us are simply on an unpredictable course that results in a "series of random adventures" in the marketplace.  My current role has required some deft and tumultuous navigation this past year.  Over the past six months, Denise has helped me recognize what is important to me; to peel away the layers of job and title and to truly connect to the role ( the one I am in and the one I would want); to recognize the talent one brings to an organization and to leverage the contributions to be made within.  Her candor, tight focus and direct engagement have been a welcome challenge to the comfort zone I inhabited and now, in a better equipped and positioned state of mind, I embrace the next phase before me both professionally and personally.
Thank you Denise and continued success.
Role Model & Great Coach
Adela Smith, Mentee
Denise’s guidance and leadership has significantly shaped my career growth and personal development. She has coached me to become a confident woman eager to make an impact within our company, as well as achieve my highest potential within my personal life. From our initial time together, she has epitomized professionalism and quickly become a role model and someone I have looked to emulate. I seek her guidance for difficult conversations, project management, and holding people accountable - among many other things. She has been genuine and honest about areas and skills I need to develop. And I appreciate her ability to coach me through these issues- providing support and thoughts to consider. I am stronger because of the chances she has given me to work through these difficulties and develop my own solutions. I know that whatever my future brings, I will forever be implementing the ideas and lessons learned from Denise.
True Essence of a Guide
Carla Harmon, Coaching client
I've known Denise for years and it has been exciting to watch her take her own personal journey as a coach. Denise dedicates herself entirely to what ever she has decided to do. This is one of the most important reasons why I selected her as my coach. If she agrees to it...she's ALL in! The other reasons...she is smart as a whip and has this uncanny ability to get to the root cause of any issue. She has helped me cut through the clutter and zoom in on what is preventing me from doing what I want to do. And she holds me accountable to the outcomes that I've committed to. Finally, because of Denise's makeup, she is able to make it serious without being stressful. We all know how difficult it can be to stare into our "emotional mirror" but she's makes it worth it. Denise is the true essence of a Guide.
Gets to the Core
Colleen N. Hawthorne, M.D.

Brilliant, engaging and witty, Denise Harris is a fresh voice of wisdom, whose powerful insight and strategies have helped countless numbers of people to live better, bolder and more full lives. If you’re ready to move out of your comfort zone and dive more deeply into living the life you truly desire, with Denise Harris at the helm as your coach and guide, you are destined not only meet, but to exceed your expectations and goals.

I have known Denise for many years, and she always brings a special magical, and transformational energy to our private talks and business meetings, that only she possesses. She knows how to get right to the core of the matter and get things done.

No Stress Policy
Candida Botts, Coaching Client

I met Denise over 15 years ago and from the first day we met I knew that she would become a special friend and for those that know me that is not an easy task because I am very guarded. Denise is someone I admire and look up to. She brings out the best in you with her positive attitude and laid back lifestyle. She is determined, always setting new goals, learning and growing and going after her dreams. When others are ready to give up, Denise is up for the challenge to learn the lesson, keep it moving and succeed in the end. She is caring, has a great sense humor and is so easy going. She operates under the "NO STRESS" policy and keeps it real.

After one coaching session with Denise, she was able to change my thinking about a personal challenge I was facing, from it will not make a difference, to I will give it a try and I am so happy I did.

Dream Coach
Suvi Gluskin, Coaching Client

Denise Harris is an extremely special person. She is incomparably caring, committed and dedicated to her clients and truly embodies the qualities of a dream coach. Denise is the perfect combination of mentor, advisor, encourager, listener and friend. She empowered me to trust in myself and tap into resources, skills and talents I always ignored and undervalued. She takes time to listen to her clients - she is responsive, generous and thoughtful with her feedback. She gives her clients the courage to pursue their goals, allowing them to truly recognize that they are attainable.

She allowed me to come to my own conclusions and supported me every step of the way - often sending supplemental resources and knowledge on her own time. I am so grateful for Denise and the time we've worked together. In only a month, I've been able to make significant progress and am eager to see the many new ideas and directions we take as time goes on. Thank you Denise, for being truly wonderful!

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