When You Think You Can’t..Tell Yourself You Can
It wasn’t that long ago, when you felt you had it going on. You loved your career, spent quality time with loved ones and truly felt as though you were making a difference. You felt unstoppable, and you were moving through life with a purpose. But something happened. Life. It started throwing you all sorts of unexpected curve balls. Death. Divorce. Firings. Betrayal. Bad Bosses. Toxic relationships. Unhealthy work environments. An endless list of personal defeats. The kind of stuff that immerses you and knocks all the wind out of your sail. It’s the stuff that, makes you feel like keeping[...]
Who Will I be if I Stay?
Who will I be if I stay? This was the heart wrenching question Diana (Wonder Woman) had to ask herself before going off to war. That moment, when she knew in her insides, that she was much stronger than she ever thought. The moment she knew there was so much more for her to do, than just staying where it was safe and comfortable. (Sound familiar?) Diana was torn (like many of us have been) by the pleas of her family and inner circle to stay where it’s protected and predictable. However, she knew she was destined to do more.[...]
There’s Power in Getting Fired or Laid Off
Being fired or laid off never feels like a good thing for anyone yet, the day you get fired is the day you get your power back. Before you read any further, know that this post is not about how to find you next job, there’s a ton of information out there if you’re looking for that. This is about shifting your mindset, and getting your head and heart aligned so you’re ready to embrace whatever possibility awaits you. Firing isn’t about getting fired, it’s about transition, and the new opportunity ahead of you. It’s sort of like the dating[...]
Finding Your Own Inner Mentor
What if you had a voice of perfect wisdom inside of you? A voice that could drive the waves of self doubt away, help you make tough decisions and offer you the courage to face whatever adversity may come your way. Inner guidance, you could turn to, no matter what time of day, no matter where you were and no matter what the circumstances were. Imagine an inner mentor, who totally had your back. Recently, one of the participants in my Mission North Star coaching program, shared with me her desire to get reacquainted with herself and connect with that voice in her head,[...]
Choosing Your Winners Circle Can be the Key to Your Success
You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. -Jim Rohn   Knowing how to deliberately surround yourself with great people can help catapult you to creating the life you want. Developing rewarding relationships that go beyond social media or random networking and mutually enrich lives, is a key to living the life you choose and accomplishing what you want. I’m talking about the kinds of personal connections that draw two or more people to each other and form great partnerships and relationships that can last a lifetime. A winners circle links friends, mentors, coaches,[...]
The 10 Commandments of a Professional Woman
1.    Thou shall embrace perfectionism, for without it, you are a failure. 2.    Thou shall not make any mistakes, lest you will be banned from all board room meetings. 3.    Always remember, there are no dress rehearsals, only the main performance. 4.    Thou shall never be out sick, otherwise, others will rush to judgment and think you are enjoying a stroll in the park, or watching day-time TV. 5.    You must exceed all metrics, even the ones that are deemed unobtainable but good for business. 6.    Thou shall love the workplace, more than you love yourself and your family. 7.   [...]
Six Strategies to Inspire You and Get You Moving in the Right Direction Today
Being your true self Is the most effective formula for success, in anything you do. That affirmation reinforces my desire to live life on my own terms every day, and continue moving forward in this world of uncertainty. Jim Rohn said “Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action”. On April 21st, I had the amazing opportunity to attend the SUCCESS Live conference in Dallas, TX. I heard from outstanding thought leaders like Brendon Burchard, TD Jakes, Mel Robbins, Lewis Howes and so many more. Here are six of the most important life strategies that[...]
6 Ways to Silence Your Inner Critic and Crush Self Doubt
It’s challenging for most of us to rise above our own excuses and move out of our comfort zone. It can feel impossible to do, and it doesn’t help when self-doubt moves in and clouds our thoughts. However, you can conquer self-doubt and accomplish what you really want in your life. Living the life you want, doesn’t mean you have to completely abandon all of the things you are comfortable with. After all, you’ve gotten to where you are today, by doing many of those things. The very first step in creating something new for yourself, is recognizing that you[...]
10 Things You Probably Never Knew About Me
#1 – I’ve been planning my escape to a bungalow on a beach since I was (well, let’s just say for a long time), and it got even worse, after I saw the movie Blue Crush. #2- I’m thoroughly addicted to mystery and suspense dramas. I love shows like Dateline, Homeland, Prison Break, 24, Chicago PD……not sure why I hold onto the remote control every minute, finger on the change-channel button, just in case something scary jumps off.  #3- My first name is really Emile (pronounced Emily). It’s my paternal grandmother’s name, and I didn’t even know it, until I[...]
6 Techniques to Help You Gain Clarity on What You Want In Life
“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” ~ Mahatma Ghandi ~   Do you ever find yourself pondering the question “What do I want in life?”. Many of us are afraid to ask ourselves that question, for fear that we have no idea, or no clue what we want. You might not even know where to begin to answer that question for yourself.  Instead, you may choose to either drift along and play small, or move so fast, that you don’t give yourself the time or space to reflect on what[...]